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By freshlyplanted - 12:58 PM

We enjoyed our mild weather with a picnic outside at the park today. Supposedly it's winter, at least that is what the calendar tells me, but it looks there might be more picnics than snowflakes for awhile. How better to celebrate the season by creating some snowflakes of our own?

After years of cutting stacks of computer paper into perfect squares, I've been introduced to the wonders of coffee filter snowflakes. They are already the perfect size and shape, and you aren't left with miscellaneous paper trimmings after-wards. They also enable you to paint on them, which is what Isia is doing here: 
For paint, I used water tinted with tube watercolor paints, although you could use pan watercolors or food-coloring tinted water or liquid watercolors. She used paintbrushes to paint, as well as a clean nasal aspirator. 

I'm thinking, as I write this, I need to mark the aspirator so it's only used with paints from now on, not noses. Just because it's stored with the art supplies doesn't mean that little hands can't uncover it for it's original use! (smile)

And the finished product! Then Mama cut out snowflakes & we adhered them to our front door's windows with contact paper. (I was inspired by this!) Isia didn't mind that Mama did all the cutting (for now), and the snowflakes are a great way to welcome people to our home. Maybe they'll even inspire some real ones...

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