Tooth Fairy

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Everyone warned me that time moves faster after having kids. I understand now, but I'm not sure whether time actually moves faster- or if you just become more aware of it. Because we have these little markers of our days running around, their tiny achievements plotting out our months & years. These achievements are often bittersweet, especially when they mark the end of an era. For example, when your oldest daughter loses her first tooth and you know her little smile will never look the same. 

First tooth
Can you see her excitement? She was also a bit nervous too- because she had accidentally swallowed it while she was eating her pumpkin bread. And how can you give the Tooth Fairy a tooth that you don't have anymore? 

We decided that Isia should write her a note, explaining what had happened, and leave it under her pillow. Isia thought an envelope would work, but I went looking on Pinterest and found this instead. Quick, and easy enough to sew by hand! The only downside was I didn't have any white felt, so I embroidered a tooth instead (or an apple, depending on who you ask- ahem). I was pleased to find this simple chain stitch tutorial, and Isia picked out the light purple. Because aren't most teeth light purple? 

First Tooth for the Tooth Fairy
She made the cord for the bag. We're trying to include more simple handwork into our lives, for "working like Mama" and centering of busy little hands & minds. For this one I started a loop chain, as for crocheting, then she kept pulling loops through & tightening it to make the chain. I can't find a tutorial for what I mean, so perhaps I'll have to make one (wink). We pulled the cord through when she was finished, and tucked her note in at the end of the day to put under her pillow. She then woke up to this! 

First Tooth for the Tooth Fairy
The quarter was glittery when she first woke up, but the magic was soon rubbed off by little fingers. If I had to guess, I would say that the tooth fairy rubbed some balm on it and sprinkled fairy dust over it. The tooth fairy actually sprinkled a little fairy dust everywhere- on the windowsill, on the floor, under Billy's pillow (looking for a tooth?), and under Isia's pillow along with her treasure & note. Isia had great fun gathering it up, sprinkling it on her head, and jumping off the chairs trying to fly. Somehow it wasn't working, perhaps there's another kind of fairy dust for flying?

First Tooth for the Tooth Fairy
Isia's favorite part was the note. She had opened it right away, and brought it to us to read. She doesn't read "adult writing" yet, in her words. Don't you love the Tooth Fairy's stationary? It looks something like this one, those tooth fairies must work with the same suppliers! We were happy to see that the Tooth Fairy didn't mind there wasn't a tooth, and Isia's been happy to make extra sure the rest of her teeth are sparkling for the Tooth Fairy next time. In the meantime I'll be soaking up her little smile- before it inevitably changes again (smile).


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Tooth Fairy

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