September 1, 2015

In Process

In Progress

Because sometimes what I start with, and what gets posted in the end, are two different creatures. Everywhere I have read about how simple "rope baskets" are to sew. Since I had already created the fabric portion a couple years ago through hand-sewing, I thought it would be easy to add the rope part on top on my machine. I thought I only needed an hour and my basket would be complete.

I am sometimes wrong (ahem).

Not that it won't be easy someday, I think I'm on the cusp of getting it figured it out. And not that I won't enjoy it in the future. But it was decidedly not easy yesterday, and it was not enjoyable. It was a lot of tweaking and adjusting, and an even more lot of thread. But this is what we do, is it not? We work at it, tweak it- sometimes toss it around a bit when the littles aren't looking- and finally figure it out in the end. I will definitely share the result- it's not bested me yet- but I think the process is important too. Maybe even the most important part. 

Are you struggling with a project right now? 

August 26, 2015

Last Month's Photo Shoot

I forgot how wily these babies get when they really start moving. Our Nikki McClure calendar tradition has continued: see September here, and October here. Where has that littlest munchkin gone? The baby in these photos is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed (ha), and ready to take on the world. Which means she has better things to do then sit quietly and have her picture taken. There is exploring to do! Which means I was happy, with the aid of some blocks, to get this photo taken...

Photo Shoot

...before she was going...
Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot
...going, gone! 

Can we just appreciate together that little cloth diaper bum? And her knee folds? And those little ankles? Oh my, this first year is going by much too quickly. She's pretty delicious- and I'm just a bit smitten. (smile)

August 18, 2015

Chalk on Rock Experiments

After the rainy summer we've had, what a relief it has been to step into sunny, hot August! These are the perfect days for swimming, boating, and running around outside. Water is an integral part of our play around here. Whether it's helping Mama with dishes, playing with the hose, or- their most favorite of all- water experiments. This is a simple one, with only chalk and spray bottles. 

Chalk on Rock Experiments | Freshly Planted

August 3, 2015

Homeschool: Year Four

Homeschooling: Year Four

I've had so many conversations about homeschooling this summer. Quite a few with good friends asking, "Did you expect to homeshool this long?" They're pretty sure of the answer, but want to check in anyways. I always share that I didn't, that this journey has surprised me too. Every year of homeschool has been a surprise in many ways, including the incredible blessing of being home another year. And what better way to drink in these days then with these littles that I love best? Last year I began Isia's kindergarten year with trepidation, wondering if being home was the best fit for her active personality. But as we traveled the year together, there were so many instances I saw her thriving at home: 

-holding her baby sister in the middle of the school day
-running around in the yard for hours after our morning lesson
-cooking us eggs and pancakes for breakfast
-wanting to help Billy with "his schooling"
-monitoring our dog's water & taking her for walks in the yard

And the list goes on. Every time Isia got excited about a project and spent all day on it- including drawing and copying birds out of our bird books- I was happy we were homeschooling. When we had the flexibility to travel up north and help my family after my father's stroke- I was happy we were homeschooling. When I was able to give her the chance to learn at her own speed, including the basics of multiplication & division, without having to hold her back for the sake of keeping the class together. Whenever she's able to rest and snack as needed instead of on a schedule. Even during the difficult days, when I wondered what I had gotten myself into- I was happy that we were in the middle of it together. 

I'm probably most pleased with how ingrained school is into our days, and into our family too. Isia's named our school, "The Treehouse School," and always shares with people- especially complete strangers- that she gets to go to school with her mama. Schooling is just naturally something we do together; I love the cohesiveness of that. We begin a new chapter this year with a second year of preschool for Billy, and a mobile- soon to be walking!- Esther Pearl. It's going to be a full year- which is the best kind (smile).

Wishing you & yours a good start to your school year!