Getting Kids to Love Math: The Smartick Method

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Inside: Stopping the Math battle! Smartick can help decrease Math anxiety and create a Math-loving mindset in kids. Perfect for students everywhere, including the multi-age homeschool classroom. 

Creating a Math-loving Mindset in Kids

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"Mama, can I do math now? 

Stopping mid-fold, I looked up with surprise at our daughter. The clean towel hung limply in my hands as I tried to comprehend what just happened. 

She's asking to do math. 

After a confused moment the towel was quickly laid aside in my hurry to get our tablet. Settling in next to me, she signed in and began her work with a smile. 

"This is so fun!" 

Stopping the Math Battle

When our daughter's decided something, it's not easy to change her mind. When mastering the crow pose in Yoga, she worked on it several times a day until finally hovering above the ground. 

Creating a Math-loving Mindset in Kids

So when she decided she was bad at Math, it broke our heart. 

We don't know where this came from. Whatever the cause, it's been impossible to change her mind. Whenever she couldn't understand something right away:

I'm no good at this. 
I should just stop trying. 
Nothing's going to help. 

After trying different math programs, we realized the issue didn't lie in curriculum. It was her mindset

But how do you change a mindset? 

Creating a Math-Loving Attitude in Kids
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't- you're right." Henry Ford
We're concerned about this mindset affecting her studies or her career path. There's a huge range of Math-heavy careers including: 

  • Actuaries
  • Pharmacists
  • Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Doctors & Nurses 

We don't want her learning decisions now to limit her job choices later. 

So we were excited to try out SmartickMath. According to their website, 
Smartick is powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology: ability based, your child progresses at his or her own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude to math. 
That sounded promising! And it was easy to include in our homeschool day, too. 

Everyday students log on for 15 minutes of practice (That's it!)  Having short daily sessions maximizes concentration and avoids burnout so kids keep coming back for more. 

It also creates a study habit and helps nurture longer attention spans. 

Creating a Math-loving Mindset in Kids
Yes, she actually smiles while doing Math!

After finishing their daily practice, there's fun games to test logic and build attention spans even more. Because what's the best way to sneak in learning? Games. 

What Smatick Practice Looks Like

Disclosure: I received Smartick access in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources we would use as a family and believe other families would also enjoy. 

Once kids login, they're led through a variety of exercises. If they get it correct, the program builds on that new concept. If they don't, the program works on other areas and stealthily comes back to it later. 

Smartick utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology and adapts- in real time- to your child's unique strengths and weaknesses. 

It encourage each child to do their individual best without being limited to a grade level. 
Smartick does not follow the official curriculum or State standard. Smartick promises to prepare your child to advance faster than in school and beyond what's taught in the classroom. 94% of our students improve their grades in school. 
This improvement is gender-neutral. Smartick actually informed us that from all data collected they see no difference in performance between boys & girls. 

Creating a Math-loving Mindset in Kids

Challenging themselves in front of a computer removes pressure for kids. This allows students to gain self-confidence as they master skills. (Self-confidence that's carried back to their regular Math classroom and beyond.)

These mastered skills help kids earn prizes and diplomas for their virtual world. 

The Fun Doesn't Stop 

This is our kids' favorite part of Smartick! After finishing a session, all the siblings crowd around to see how everyone's going to use their "ticks" (earned points). They can: 

Customize their avatar: Our daughter's character is currently wearing a Frozen dress and carrying a lightsaber. Our son's character has a wizard hat and wand. 

Buy a virtual pet: There are birds, lizards, dogs, cats, and more exotic animals. There's also "daily deals" and pet supplies to keep everyone happy. 

Accessorize their virtual bedroom: Lots of choice, including pillows and toys. Their diplomas for mastered skills get proudly displayed here, too. 

This interest in each other's worlds- and the ability to interact with each other in them- has helped build another important mindset: Connection

Benefits of Smartick

    • Backed by M.I.T
    • Artificial Intelligence technology customizes in real time
    • Phone app keeps record of daily sessions
    • Parent emails with each day's progress & diplomas
    • Parent dashboard to check daily problems & progress
    • Records student's Math progress in multiple areas
    • Activities are child-informed and engaging
    • Standalone program that goes above & beyond grade level
    • Easy to use anytime and anywhere

A Free Trial Session, Just For You! 

Try 15 Days For Free & 25% Off First Subscription

Want to learn more about Smartick?  

Creating a Math-loving Mindset in Kids

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