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As I looked upon snow today, I was reminded of the pictures that Isia & I took together last time it snowed. I worked the camera to take pictures of things we both found to be interesting. Looking at them again, I vividly see the elements of art. Next time, I'm thinking it would be fun to go on an "elements of art" scavenger hunt and have her "find" an element of art again- this time on purpose! She might even be old enough to use Mama's camera for herself someday... maybe.

*What are the elements of art? I'm including them at the bottom for easy reference...

Shape, Form
Value, Texture
Line, Space, Color
Line- A moving point through space.
Shape-An enclosed space, with the outside defined by another element of art (line, value, etc.)
Space- The empty space around and between forms or shapes is negative space (For example, the black space between the branches in the last picture. The branches themselves are positive space, since they are are lines or shapes that stand out to the viewer.)
Value- Lightness or darkness of color. I chose this for the second picture because I liked the values of color in the fence.
Texture- Real texture is felt by touching, implied texture is felt by the eyes. Such as the texture of the snow in the second picture.
Color- Black is not technically a color, but the absence of light. I liked the color of our barrel.
Form- A three-dimensional shape, usually geometric. Had I a picture of a pine-cone to include, that pine-cone would be a great example of form.
This is not an element of art, but a little girl who's about to realize why Mama asked her to keep her mittens on!

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