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Easy Printmaking Activities for Preschoolers

Inside: A collection of easy printmaking ideas for preschoolers and young children using everyday materials and inexpensive art supplies. Also helpful for playgroups and multi-age homeschool settings!

His chubby fingers outline the hard ridges on the cardboard. He traces them over and over, finally saying "heart." We place a piece of paper over the ridges and use block crayons together to rub on it. Suddenly heart impressions pop up on the surface.

His eyes open wide, excitedly taking possession of the crayon to "do it myself."

That's a common phrase in a house with a preschooler! They're strong enough to do more & more things themselves, but this independence can also quickly endanger them. Like a child pulling a stool to the counter to grab something they shouldn't have (but want very badly). We've found simple art activities can allow us to quickly change gears with a minimum of tears and fuss.

Especially the hot glue and leaf rubbing plates below! Keep a stack of them in a basket with good drawing paper and beeswax block crayons for a great distraction during the hard moments and a joyful creative outlet during the better ones.

Printmaking Projects for Preschoolers

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 Hot Glue Rubbing Plates

These are so fun! From toddler to elementary and beyond, everyone loves these. They're great for layering and older students can build up patterns (helpful hint: start light with the first layer, then get darker). 

Extension activity: Customize for current homeschool studies or whatever your child is interested in- bugs, houses, sea creatures...

We Heart Valentine's Day

Leaf Rubbing Plates

We love making these! You just need leaves,  Mod Podge, and cardboard. A perfect art activity for a  nature unit and to preserve leaves year-round. 

Extension activity: Create two plates with similar leaves to play "Memory" or sort & group based on color, size, leaf shape, etc. This helps build spatial intelligence in kids- and is great early math practice too!

Sticks & Leaves: Rubbing Plates

Easy Mono-Printing for Kids

Can you explore real printmaking with preschoolers too? YES! This is an excellent introductory activity for printmaking with kids using real art tools. And perfect for adults, too :) 

Extension activity: Use mirrors to draw self-portraits to mono-print
Mono-Printing for Kids


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