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Easy to Make with Kids: Simple & Beautiful Leaf Rubbing Plates

And our leaf fun continues! Last year we enjoyed our leaf printing so much that I knew I wanted to do something similar again. Not only did these leaf plates produce wonderful results, but we'll be able to keep and enjoy them long past the fall.

Sticks & Leaves: Rubbing Plates
These were so easy to make! We took freshly fallen leaves and mod-podged them onto little pieces of cardboard. Make sure you securely mod-podge them underneath to help keep them secure. I made sure all  my mod-podge layers were thin and in the same direction so they wouldn't add their own texture. 

Sticks & Leaves: Rubbing Plates
Sticks & Leaves: Rubbing Plates
We experimented with regular drawing paper versus tracing paper. I was surprised by how well the tracing paper rubbing did. I'd love to experiment with it more, maybe make some sun-catchers or layer it in some of our other artworks? As long as I can keep these rubbing plates out of destructive toddler hands, we should be able to enjoy them all winter!

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Sticks & Leaves: Rubbing Plates

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