Easy Sewing Practice with Leaves

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We're in the full swing of fall around here, including our first bout of the flu last week. Luckily all was well before Halloween- what would we do without All that candy? (wink)- but it meant many more snuggles and less time writing here. As I pick things up again this week, I thought I'd share some of our stick & leaf experiments. Our woods have been generous with both this fall, making up quite a lot of our play- and lots of our art-making too. This first leaf experiment was fun for both Isia & Billy, and easy to make too!

Sticks & Leaves: Sewing Practice
This is a great way to introduce little ones to the shape of different leaves. For older ones you can use it to practice tree names too by writing the tree name on the back for quick review. You just need thin cardboard (ours came from a package, but cereal boxes work great too), packing tape, and a hole punch. And some leaves too, of course! All of our leaves have turned colors around here, but summer leaves work well too. 

Sticks & Leaves: Sewing Practice
Cover your leaf in packing tape, overlapping each layer slightly. I used vertical strips for mine, starting at one side then working my way across the leaf. Trim around the leaf, leaving 1/4-1/2" allowance. Use your hole punch to create sewing holes around the leaf, then attach a cord or string at one side for sewing. I tied a knot to keep our sewing cord attached to each leaf- fewer pieces to lose!- then wrapped a small piece of tape on the other end to keep it from unraveling. 

Isia would like you to know that they make great necklaces too! It's amazing to see the gears turning in her little head, just about everything becomes an accessory these days (smile). This is also a nice way to preserve some fall colors to enjoy all winter long.

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Sticks & Leaves: Sewing Practice

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