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Creative Mama: Icing Flowers

It takes me awhile sometimes to warm up to a project. I asked for this awesome icing kit a few years ago because I wanted to learn how to pipe, especially flowers. How long did it take me to pipe my first flower? Hmm, not until this summer when I decided to fulfill Isia's request for "a birthday cake with pink flowers" by myself. What I didn't realize was once I got started, it would be so much fun. If you happen to use a whole batch of royal icing, just realize that you're going to have a Lot of flowers. For those of us who find repetitive activities calming, such as knitting or making chinese dumplings, this is a perfect activity for you.

Many Uses for Icing Flowers

Many Uses for Icing Flowers
I made this royal icing recipe with meringue powder. I bought the powder at Michael's a few years ago, and have found that a can lasts forever. For our flowers I used one batch of royal icing, tinted pink, and this fantastic tutorial. Since we have a curious cat I let them dry in the refrigerator, but they can also just sit out on the counter overnight. Once dry, you can store them up to a year in a sealed container. (Best of luck keeping them around that long!) Then you can set them out on a plate along with cupcakes and a container of frosting for little girls to decorate their own cupcakes. 

Many Uses for Icing Flowers
Didn't they do a darling job? And then you can use the rest of the flowers for decorating a cake...

Many Uses for Icing Flowers
Many Uses for Icing Flowers
...or special tea party treats. They're great for counting games, use them to top some special pancakes, or do a dissolution experiment in a cup of water. You can also sneak one for a quick pick-me-up before the nightly acrobatics of make-dinner-and-get-the-kids-to-bed. They're perfect for that!

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