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Valentine's Hot Glue Rubbing Plates

Onto our next Valentine's activity! Are you having fun yet? I was last night when I got out my glue gun to create these...

We Heart Valentine's Day
I used the leftover cardboard from our book-making activity yesterday, here. I had so much creating a different pattern on each one. I made sure to move my glue gun slowly, leaving a thick ridge of glue behind. 

We Heart Valentine's Day

We Heart Valentine's Day
Just perfect for making some Valentine's rubbings! We used a variety of papers, but ended up liking construction paper most of all. It has a great "tooth", and captured the crayon's pigment best. We also enjoyed the variety of colors left behind by our molded crayons. At first Isia and her friend started by rubbing over only one plate. Then they started layering rubbings, which became really lovely. 

We Heart Valentine's Day

We Heart Valentine's Day

We Heart Valentine's Day
And then they decorated their drawings even more with colored pencils. Isn't the finished product fun? So many different textures and patterns. This one is Isia's, and you can see that the crayon rubbings inspired her to draw some hearts of her own. We have a whole pile of these beautiful rubbings- now for the deciding what to make them into.

We can always fold them in half and make them into cards, but I'm also debating...
...creating a garland out of them, here.
...sewing them into little heart pockets, here.
...cutting them into lots of hearts! I love this activity, here.

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