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Last Month's Photo Shoot

I forgot how wily these babies get when they really start moving. Our Nikki McClure calendar tradition has continued: see September here, and October here. Where has that littlest munchkin gone? The baby in these photos is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed (ha), and ready to take on the world. Which means she has better things to do then sit quietly and have her picture taken. There is exploring to do! Which means I was happy, with the aid of some blocks, to get this photo taken...

Photo Shoot

...before she was going...
Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot
...going, gone! 

Can we just appreciate together that little cloth diaper bum? And her knee folds? And those little ankles? Oh my, this first year is going by much too quickly. She's pretty delicious- and I'm just a bit smitten. (smile)

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy is a former art classroom teacher from the city, now unexpected homeschooler to three active kids in the woods. She loves nature, good books, large pots of tea, and creative projects with her family. You can read about their learning adventures and more at Freshly

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