One Month Old

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I've always relished the anticipation in the days leading up to a birth. There's a wonderful mystery about them, as we live them out not knowing when baby will decide it's time. Because all it takes is baby to make up its mind, and a few hours later you have a birth story- a gender, a size, a name. But before that, it's all unknown. Which is always nerve-wracking for Cory, but exciting for me (smile). And the days up to this birth were no different. I finished this post fully intending on coming back, which never happened. 

Esther Pearl
This is a picture of me & belly the night of that last post, the 25th of September. Although I had light contractions the next two days, I still didn't expect to have baby until closer to our due date (October 2nd). And then this sweetheart decided to change my mind.

Esther Pearl
Calling our doula the night of the 27th with strong, 4 to 5 min apart contractions, she convinced me that perhaps it really "was time" to shuttle the sleeping kids to our neighbors, and make the half-hour journey to the hospital. And so we did, dropping off the (still-sleeping!) kids then trekking though our hilly country to the hospital (which is a pleasant drive when one is not having contractions- ahem). We got checked in around 11 pm, but I was barely dilated. They offered to send us home, but we knew better. We've learned I tend to birth quickly, and this time was no different. So we continued to quietly labor in the room, trusting in what was to come. At 1 am I had progressed to 3 cm... and then she was born at 2:02 am! She came rushing into the world, right into Cory's hands. His hands that have (thanks to gracious doctors) delivered all of our children. And there she's been ever since... in our hands and arms. Our Esther Pearl. 

Esther Pearl
It's been a wonderful month, babymooning with this little girl. Even though I've put everything else on hold, the time has still passed much too quickly. It always does. So I've been eager to return to this space. To slowly start creating again & documenting the days to come, before they pass too.  

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