Mermaids & Pirates: Part I

By freshlyplanted - 7:00 AM

Do you mind if we take a quick visit back to October? I could wait until next Halloween to share them... but I'd rather not (smile). Isia is smitten with mermaids right now, and luckily I still had this mermaid costume left over from her very first Halloween:

Isia mermaid

Her little tail was first a pair of cotton baby pants that I opened up & seamed together. I sewed scales on the front, and a double-sided fin at the bottom in fleece, to keep it soft for baby toes. I then hot-glued shells onto a plain long-sleeve onesie, and used a fabric marker to draw the straps in. She liked it a lot, and made it "flap" very realistically with her kicking legs. And then, to Mama's delight, it got to be put to good use again. 

So Esther could have her chance as the littlest mermaid! Isn't she sweet? I'm smitten with those little hands right now. She was perfectly comfortable in this little outfit too, which made for a happy  first Halloween. Her tail stayed exactly the same, but I did make her a new top to match her big sister's mermaid outfit. More details on the big kid costumes to come next, stay tuned!

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