DIY Coupon Binder

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For the record, I'm not a coupon guru. I have followed some coupon gurus and implemented just about every system, but they didn't work for me. I ended up buying more, all for the sake of a good deal. And I realized that spending an extra twenty, thirty, fifty dollars on stuff I wouldn't be buying anyways was not really saving us money. It was too easy for me to legitimize splurging! Which doesn't work, because buying very little that we don't really need- then thrifting and saving for the rest- is how we survive on one budget. So here's how I organize only the coupons I know we'll use. I created this system for myself over two years ago, and it's worked really well ever since.

DIY Coupon Binder
I didn't say it was fancy! For this system you'll need a three-ring binder, plastic sheet protectors, and lined three hole paper. A Sunday newspaper and a large cup of tea won't hurt either (wink). You'll want to devote a plastic protector and three hole paper for each coupon category you choose. 

My coupon categories (in order) are:
*Eat Out Coupons
*Canned Goods
*Dry Goods
*Meat & Dairy
*Health & Beauty

DIY Coupon Binder
Then, under that category, you'll list your coupons as you add them. I list the product, the amount the coupon is for, and when it expires. Then I put the whole coupon sheet in the plastic protector. I don't clip them until I'm ready to use them- which also saves me time because they don't always get used. If a coupon sheet has two coupons (one on the front, another on the back) that fit into two categories, I just list both coupons in one category.  

Then, when I'm ready to compile my grocery list for the week, I compare my binder to the weekly grocery ads and try to combine deals. I also try to plan meals around my coupons & the weekly grocery ad as much as I can. When I've grabbed the coupon sheets I need for that week, I then cut all my coupons out at once and put them into my coupon envelope. 

DIY Coupon Binder
This handy envelope is always in my purse so I know where to find it. There is nothing worse than clipping coupons- then leaving them on the counter! Like I said, it's not fancy but it's worked well to save us money. Hopefully it can work for you too, or give you some ideas for fine-tuning your own (smile).

For more ideas, continue to stay tuned this week! I'll be sharing a review of "Organizing You" by Shannon Upton, which I've enjoyed so much. Here's a quote from her book:

Organizing You Quote

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DIY Coupon Binder

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