Lazy Days Skirt

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I'm not much of a pattern person, as I've admitted before. Before kids, my sewing efforts required a lot of estimation and guessing- which can be timely, with no guarantees. Time is a bit more precious these days, so I'm learning to embrace the joy of the pattern. It's especially handy as a jumping off place. Because if the basics are already engineered out, then you can focus on the details. And the details? Those are my most favorite part of all. 
Lazy Day Skirt

Growing up there were always new Easter dresses. Something pretty, that would stay in the fancy party rotation through summer. And someday, I always hoped, I would sew something special  for my daughter or daughters for Easter. Now two daughters later, that time has come! I'm not quite up to a dress yet, but a skirt? A skirt I can handle, especially when it's a free pattern from oliver + s. I've always loved looking at their patterns, but this Lazy Days Skirt pattern was my first to sew. It was a delight to work with! Of course, picking out the fabric was the most fun part of all. 
Lazy Day Skirt

I was so excited to try the ribbon hemming of the pattern, especially when I found this ribbon! Luckily, Isia loved it as much as I did. Although I did have to insist that it only be used in the skirts, not in her art projects. Which was fortunate, because I ended up having just enough to make Esther's skirt too- which I'll share later this week. 
Lazy Day Skirt
Lazy Day Skirt
Lazy Day SkirtLazy Day Skirt
And then it was done. Pretty for church, but practical enough to come home and start playing in the muddy yard directly afterwards (ahem). A perfect pattern for full summer days... which means my sewing machine is going to be busy! 

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