Our Holiday: The Photo Album

By freshlyplanted - 7:00 AM

As I shared last month, it took me awhile to get into the holiday spirit this year. As the decorations waited in our basement I tried to sneak in little holiday goodies- special movies, some glittery pinecones- whenever I felt up to it. Then one day, a week before Christmas, Cory offered to go get a tree. And then, with a tree in the house, I had this wonderful desire for Lights. With each light strand & decoration hung, I felt a bit more thankfulness and a little less sadness. Not that decorating a house for the holidays will completely resolve everything- only time & grace are suitable for that- but it definitely helped.

We're enjoying the tree and lights still. While I'm ready to give our needle-shedding tree back to the woods, I want to hold onto the lights a bit longer. They're a lovely soft glow against the backdrop of these grey snowy days. A reminder to me of the light and warmth that is due to return in just a few more months. They're a bit magical too- and who couldn't use a little more of that?

Wishing you a magical start to this new year. 

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