A Washi & Cardboard Garland

By freshlyplanted - 4:50 PM

While we're leaving up our lights around our staircase, we did take down the lights in our living room. This decision was greatly influenced by their need of an extension cord without the tree- and my desire to not go hunting through our pile 'o boxes downstairs to find one. So down they came, leaving an empty space behind them. And that space, I decided, needed something. Something neutral enough to last us through the rest of the snow, decidedly non-electrical, and easy to hang. And if it made use of my over-flowing drawer of collected paper towel & toilet paper rolls? Even better. 

We all took different approaches to wrapping our cardboard tubes with washi tape. I wrapped mine piece by piece, which gave me easy guidelines for cutting later. Isia decided on a more random approach as she wrapped long pieces of washi tape around & around, sometimes overlapping several. To make it easier for Billy's toddler hands, I ripped off several pieces at a time and stuck them to the table edge next to his seat. He did a great job picking them up one at a time and putting them on his roll. When we finished a few rolls I got out my scissors & cut them into roughly 1/2" slices. Then we hole-punched them twice, lining the holes across from each other. 

I'm so smitten with it- such an easy way to decorate a room. And the color possibilities are as endless as your washi tape stash. Now we only have a few more feet to go until it's ready to hang!



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