Easy Card Keepsake with Binder Rings

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I've tried to spare you too many details of our unpacked basement. You see, we had the luck to buy this house fully furnished. On one hand, this meant we inherited great furniture with it- and a couple boats too. On the other hand however, it was already full and we couldn't move all of our stuff in right away. And then there was the ongoing deliberation of what to keep? So we moved all our essentials into the upstairs, then stashed the rest- the totes, the furniture that wouldn't fit, baby stuff in case that time came again, all of Cory's tools- in the basement to deal with later. And now, four months later?, we're still coming to terms with it little by little. And while we've agreed that most of it can't be resolved until it gets warm- and Cory's able to get his shed how he likes- I'm still trying to put little dents in it, here and there. 

Last week, this meant organizing and down-sizing Seven totes of kid & baby clothes into a respectable three. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was, and it inspired me to do more. So I tackled our Christmas card pile and created this keepsake:

Easy Card Keepsake with Binder Rings
Easy Card Keepsake with Binder Rings
You might have realized by now how much I love creating books with binder rings (smile). And this is such a sweet, kiddo-friendly way to keep our holiday cards around a bit longer. It'll also be a good home for all those cards, postcards & life announcements that I'm always reluctant to take off the frig & stash away in a drawer. It'll be so much nicer to put them here, where they can be read & enjoyed!

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