Alphabet Popsicle People

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As I posted on G+ awhile back, Isia has been requesting silly games for learning. This doesn't surprise me, and probably doesn't surprise you either from the glimpses of her here. She has a strong spirit, my first child. And she knows herself pretty well. She's an extremely Active child, and unless she's creating something, she's running around, jumping on the furniture when she thinks I'm not looking (ahem), and throwing impromptu dance parties. Idle hands are a bit dangerous with this kiddo, so I try to help keep them busy! Creating these alphabet people together have been perfect for that.

Alphabet Popsicle People

And it's also helped whittle down my box of 500 popsicle sticks (what was I thinking??) down a bit. You could easily draw on hair, but Isia used hot glue to glue on yarn for ours. (Here's my tips for hot gluing with kids) Drawn on faces, washi tape outfits, and- of course- a letter of their very own. My theater-loving child loves interacting with them, and they've been very gracious teachers. Silly alphabet game? Check.

Alphabet Popsicle People

Alphabet People, Ideas for Play

  • Arrange them in ascending order, either together with your child or (for more advanced kiddos) have them do it independently (A, B, C...)
  • Arrange them in descending order (Z, Y, X...)
  • Act out the sounds with each person. This is our favorite right now. I'll say, "Hi, I'm Mr. A but I can't remember what sound I make- can you help me?"
  • Have the alphabet people work together to make a word. Have your child sound out the word. 
  • For more advanced kiddos: Put the first sounds of a word together (example, BA) then find all the missing friends that can help finish the word (for example, T for BAT, D for BAD, etc.)

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