Amazing No-Sew DIY Ladybug Girl Costume

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Have you heard about Ladybug Girl? She's a favorite around here. Not only does she have awesome fashion sense- and Killer Boots- but she's always learning. She turns boring days into adventures, builds forts, and says she's sorry when she makes mistakes. And she's best buddies with a blonde-haired Bumblebee Boy that reminds us of Billy.

Ladybug Girl Wings

I was so excited when Isia wanted to be Ladybug Girl for Halloween! Not only did she look cute in her homemade tutu (see below), but we had a blast making these wings together. Who doesn't love to give their child wings? Billy, of course, was happy to join in on the fun. Whatever his big sister is doing, Billy's one step behind. He makes a great little sidekick!

These wings are also a great costume for your dress-up bin! The kids have been loving them on our freezing temperature, housebound days. Why run around the house when you can fly? (wink)

Ladybug Girl Wing Materials:

Using your wire-cutters, cut the top piece off your hangers & bend the wire bodies into your wing shapes. I bent the first as I liked it, then tried to match the second hanger as closely as possible. 

Ladybug Girl Wings
Ladybug Girl Wings
Arrange your hangers with the cut-off portions on the bottom, like this. I had the hardest time lining them up as I liked at first, until I figured out this design. So simple!

Ladybug Girl Wings
Tape everything really well, we don't want any wires poking out! I used making tape for mine, but any heavy-duty, non-scotch tape would work fine.

Ladybug Girl Wings
Thread your pantyhose onto your wings. I inserted the wings into the legs, then wrapped the underwear part to the back of the wings before hot-gluing it in place. I then trimmed off the feet & sewed the outer edges (but you could easily hot glue them instead).

Using Isia as a model, I measured two pieces of elastic for her arms which I looped around and glued onto the wings. I then glued the middle extra pantyhose over the loop area in back, to help secure. Lastly, I wrapped the cut-off pantyhose around the middle, hot-gluing it in back then adding a piece of pantyhose on top to cover the seam. 

Ladybug Girl Wings
I thought I was done... until I sent pictures to my family who quickly asked, "But what about her black dots?" Never fear! One Sharpie later and we had a full-fledged Ladybug Girl on our hands. She just needed a special friend.

For Bumbleeboy's costume, I repeated the wing pattern with black pantyhose, then wrapped yellow electrical tape around the them. I made his antennae by wrapping two white pipecleaners around a black headband then twirling the tops. Technically Bumbleeboy doesn't have wings, but please don't tell Billy that. He loves his!

Ladybug Girl Book, by David Soman
Ladybug Girl Wings
I used these No Sew Tulle Tutu directions for Isia's tutu, using glittery tulle. Matched with a red long-sleeve shirt from Target and glittery antenna we already had, I was really happy with how her costume turned out. Most importantly, she was thrilled to be LADYBUG GIRL! As she flew around the house telling me over & over again. Win, win.

They're pretty good buddies, can't you tell? Yes, these two get in all sorts of mischief go on all sorts of adventures together!

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