Simple Trick for Blowing Bubbles

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A lot of our past summer days have been spent wrangling little bubble wands out of long bubble containers. Over and over I would hear, "Mama, help! I dropped it again!" So I would come to the rescue,  during which we would usually end up wearing most of the bubble solution anyways. Someday I would love to sit down and help someone redesign those botttles, but in the meantime we've come up for a solution for ourselves. One that I hope might come in handy for you too!

Blowing Bubbles, A Simple Trick
Blowing Bubbles, A Simple Trick
Do you see those plastic handled mugs? They've been our saving grace. A staple of Cory's childhood, my mother-in-law passed them onto our family and they've already proven their worth. Handy for little hands to grasp, Unbreakable, and a much easier container for little hands to dip their bubble wands into. Being able to only pour a little solution in at a time also helps prevent us all from wearing it! (smile)

Blowing Bubbles, A Simple Trick
And they're handy to blow lots of bubbles out of too. Yes, they'll definitely be handy to have this summer. For bubble-blowing and drinking- with a good sound washing in-between!


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