Maintaining Flow

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This has not been a week for big projects, or much blogging. This has been the week of working on the house. Such as re-caulking all if it to increase it's staging appeal. All the cracks created by our 1915 house settling- who doesn't get a few wrinkles in 98 years?- are no longer there. Althouigh, between us, I kind of miss their company. This has been the week of repainting our front door to a dark, charcoal grey to up it's street appeal. This has been the week of trading time with friends, who graciously watched the kiddos so that I didn't have to worry about wet caulk & little fingers. (Which means we'll have a full house next week as everyone trades in their time, exactly how I like it best.) I tried to find my flow during all the caulking & painting, listening to good music and getting absorbed in the work-at-hand as best I could. It didn't quench my creative spirit though, but this little work-in-progress helped.

Maintaining Flow
Maintaining Flow
It's been easy to carry along and knit in spare moments. Can you see what's taking shape? When I finish it- soon I think, fingers crossed- it will be a baby present for dear friends. Please look at it with gentle eyes, my last knitting project was our holiday dishtowels and this is a lot more complicated. Here are my Ravelry notes in case you want to make one too (it's a free pattern!).

Maintaining Flow
Maintaining Flow
And a few glimpses into Isia's creative world this week. Tower building is a favorite past-time around here, and she's (fairly) gracious about Billy's love of knocking them down. There's also been much drawing too. Isia's been very particular about her colors lately- choosing just ink & red marker for this creation. It's been so much fun to watch her people take shape, her drawing really inspires me. Picasso once said, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." Yes.

Maintaining Flow
And a little baking too. These are wheat-less goodies for Cory, who is trying a gluten-free diet right now in efforts to ease his Crohn's symptoms. I'm hoping it helps, but a little worried too- I've only just mastered his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe & this would mean starting all over. But a healthy, pain-free husband would be worth it!

Wishing you a creative weekend! 


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