Finding My Flow

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Have you ever lost time while drawing a picture, kicking a soccer ball, or perfecting a dance routine? Than you've experienced something called "flow". The pioneer of "flow theory" is Mihály Csíkszentmihályi whose research began with a curiosity of what enables artists to get lost in their work. He realized that this was an experience that most artists shared, and sought to uncover the conditions needed to bring it about. He came to realize that flow isn't limited to artists- that everyone has the capacity, and necessity, to experience flow in their daily lives. Since few people can spend their days solely in creative pursuits, he proposed ordinary activities could develop into flow opportunities if one is able to get immersed in them. That all daily activities such as repainting a door...

Finding My Flow
Finding My Flow
...or renovating some railing offers us the chance to find our flow. And perhaps a brief moment of creative bliss too.

It's a different way to look at our day to day world isn't it? Who knew that washing dishes or sweeping the floor held creative potential? It's also a great exercise in staying present. A task that is never easy, at any stage of life. In a continued effort to seek our bliss, I'll be sharing pictures on Instagram...


... and I would love for you to tag you & your family's blissful moments too! As spring projects begin, and we continue to try to sell our house, I could use the extra motivation. (smile)


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