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We have a small pair of sneakers- more tall then they are long, blue- that's been a favorite with the kids. They were passed down to us from lovely friends, then we enjoyed Isia in them until her feet finally grew too big. I remember her in them vividly- small pigtails, bright eyes, chubby hands- and was sad when they fit no longer. Then we found out we were having another kiddo, and they were one of the first things that came to mind when I thought of dressing baby. The blue shoes were going to find another home! And they have. They've actually been the only shoes to fit my son's wonderfully chubby feet, which means that he's worn them for all holidays including Christmas, Easter, and his Great-Grandmother's 80th birthday. Then recently a friend asked, as she tried to lovingly shove his feet into them, "Do you think these shoes are, perhaps, a little small?" And they are, although I hadn't realized it yet. Which means two things, my friends. One, these little feet are continuing to grow and two, the blue shoes are without another home yet. Both of which make my heart a little sad. But that's why we collect footprints, right? To cherish these little feet and have a tangible reminder of them for the days to come. 

We tend to collect footprints around here- tucked away in baby books, photo albums and even more tucked away with their precious artwork. 
Footprint Art
Footprint Art
Footprint Art
After capturing her footprint for some Easter cards, Isia wanted to keep going. "More paper, Mama?" she asked. While she was not in painting clothes (silly me), how could I say no? So I rolled up her clothing the best I could and brought out more paper. First there were footprints, then handprints too, before we started looking for something else to print instead. After cleaning her hands and feet the best we could, we got out our plastic animals to join the fun.

Footprint Art
Footprint Art
Footprint Art
She had so much fun dipping their little feet in paint, one by one, and sending them marching across the page. Aren't they sweet? It was fun to talk about the different footprints they left behind, and compare them to her own. This would be a perfect activity for toddlers too. Little brother was napping, but we look forward to trying it with him soon. After, of course, finding him a new pair of (larger) shoes! (smile)


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