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Ah, New Year's. That time of old friends and new resolutions. I'm trying to avoid a resolution list this year- which is hard, because I Love lists. I'm choosing instead to stretch this moment out, the turning over of the calendar, and make it last. To step inside it and reflect on this last year lived. And to use those lessons- and there are always lessons aren't there?- to guide me as I move into this next span of time. To continue to recognize this new year as the gift it is, and be present for the many new lessons to come. And also to create lots of art! To celebrate the recent counting down of the clock- and to sustain your young artist's attention a bit longer- may I introduce you to our newest art supply?

Just before the holidays, we had a full art table of little friends. Everyone was eager to begin something, but that interest waned quickly and within moments people were looking at blank sheets of paper uninspired. Especially my Isia. They just couldn't commit to a beginning. And soon they began to ask, "How much longer?" Since an open-ended session wasn't working, I asked if they'd like me to set a timer with the time left. They thought that was brilliant. We agreed on five minutes and I set the clock. 

And where there had been indecision, there became purpose. Knowing they only had "so much time" helped them to move ahead with their creations. They were actually so entrenched in the process of making that the buzzer took them by surprise. "More time?" they asked. And we added five more minutes on the timer.

By the end of that time they were satisfied, and we headed outside to run around. Will a timer accompany all of our art times from now on? Definitely not, but I do think it's a handy tool to keep on hand- as long as Isia enjoys it. Especially for the long cold and snowy days ahead, which sometimes make it hard to get started on anything. Late February, I'm talking to you! (wink)

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