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create (a life): middle of the week




This week I am...

...arriving one day late due to a stand-off last night with some post-holiday chaos.

...promising to be timely next week!

...returning to our post-holiday rhythms, slowly but surely.

...eyeing my final corner of holiday chaos to go before my sewing projects begin.

...thankful to have a blanket of snow for company.

...even more thankful for our expansive mitten collection. We go through a few pairs a day!

...perfecting my hot chocolate recipe much to Isia's delight.

...offering Billy his warm milk instead. (Age two is legal chocolate-consuming age around here.)

...enjoying these coffee cake muffins to go with them via my new Sweet Savory Life cookbook.

...finding reasons to have "just one more muffin." (wink)

Hoping the post-holiday slow-down finds you well and warm!

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy used to teach in the city, now she homeschools three active kids in the woods. She spends her days reading aloud, crafting, getting lost in nature, and refilling her teapot. Her best parenting advice: You should never give kids more water or glitter than you're willing to clean up! Read more about their learning adventures at Freshly


  1. Love the photos! Hope the New Year is treating you well!

    1. Thank you Melissa! We're warm, healthy, and home together so it's off to a great start (smile). ~Cassidy


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