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By freshlyplanted - 10:47 PM

When Isia gets upset about something, her focus locks entirely on the desired outcome. She forgets how to reason, how to articulate, sometimes even how to talk. I understand her steadfastness very well- she gets it from me. When she was about a year old, I began working with her to find her "volcano breath" in these moments. When I see her getting upset I'll say, "Please take a volcano breath." She'll look at me, breath in, then breath out reaching her arms over her head and releasing them in a wide arc back to her sides. It doesn't always work, few things do, but sometimes it's just the reminder she needs. A release and a pause before the storm. It took me over twenty years to find my own volcano breath, and sometimes I still have to go looking for it. I was especially grateful for it this holiday season.

Because after days of failing to design my niece into a magnetic paper doll, I needed it. Thanks to Sarah Jane Studios, and some magnetic paper, I found an alternative worthy of gifting.

Because when our kitchen began flooding from an upstairs bathroom leak, and we had to leave for our holiday three days early, I needed it. As I rushed to pack Christmas and a week's worth of Everything while leaving all my last-minute projects behind. (And I am so good at a last-minute project!) Several volcano breaths later I was able to focus on the positive, more time with my family, and not my projects- including this sweet little ruffled skirt that I'm saving for later.

Because when my camera's battery died after my first holiday picture- with my charger at home- I needed it. I had visions of photo sessions by the tree, but ended up with candid shots on our phones instead. And that's okay. It's more important we're all together then a working camera. Of course, it didn't hurt that my Christmas morning rolls turned out stupendously, or that my Mom was busy with her (working) camera! (wink)

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