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We've been in full-blown garden season for awhile now. Our seeds are coming up and our watering is still underway as our seedlings build up those strong root systems that will enable them to be more independent. There are many similarities between the little ones I nurture in my arms with those we nurture in the soil. Both are daily reminders of humility and how much I have to learn, with a good deal of joy and pride tossed in. Working in the soil is also a way to embrace my soil-loving heritage (more, here) and something worth passing on. To spark Isia's love of gardening we read lots of nature books, and, of course, create art about our garden. 

These are an excellent use for all those seed catalogs you collect- or is that just me? (wink) All of these pictures came from the Seed Savers Exchange catalog, a great organization that just happens to have little white borders around their wonderful pictures making them perfect for cutting out.

Isia chose one vegetable or flower at a time and we talked about it before she glued it on. We said the name, color, and practiced our comparisons (big/little, many/few). Some are pictures of what we're raising in our garden, but not all of them.

Although I wouldn't mind if it was. Her cucumbers and melons turned out better than mine did last year, ha!

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  1. With everything going on in your backyard, it would be fun to cut out some chickens for Bunny to glue on too! Ours doesn't house chickens... yet. (wink)

  2. I love this... and what a great opportunity to create while learning so much!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks you! It's always helpful to incorporate what they're interested in. Isia's all about designing "her space." Did another collage recently with this is mind that I think you'll enjoy. Will post soon!

  3. This is such a great idea! I love how even the littlest lovies can participate! :)

    1. That's one of the goals around here (smile). Happy you like it!


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