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By freshlyplanted - 8:20 AM

Is there any better way to welcome Spring than by gardening? Our voluntary starts from last year- including Swiss chard, kale, random lettuce, and cilantro- have already brought life to our garden boxes.
 Isia's my constant helper these days. She's an enthusiastic one, who solves the problem of not recognizing weeds yet by just pulling everything (eek!). I thought putting her to "work" digging with a spoon might be a tad more helpful. I also cut a milk carton in half and offered her the bottom part to fill with dirt for her own flower seeds. She thought about it, then decided that it would be better to just fill and dump...

which is okay. She'll learn in time. I fondly remember working alongside my grandmother in her garden. I just enjoyed being with her; I never realized I was learning to transplant, weed, identify flowers, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Then, when it came time to begin my own garden, I heard her gentle directions guiding me all over again. I hope to instill the same joy in our children. Here's to Spring, and all teachable, enjoyable moments that come with it!

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  1. yea for gardens! i just realized i have lettuce too--almost enough for a salad already. it actually never died over the winter, which i knew, but i didn't know how big it had gotten till this week. lucky isia to get to help mom with the planting!

  2. Lucky you! We only had a few survive the winter so it'll be a bit longer for fresh garden salads for us. Mmm... I can almost taste them already! :)


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