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Isia has decided (without asking Mama's opinion) that naps are no longer necessary. Ahem. So while Billy took his nap yesterday, we used this bag of clover making supplies from the corner of my kitchen, here & these directions to make:
Here are our finished clovers, pre-sprinkles. It was, of course, no longer St. Patrick's Day. But is there ever a bad day to make sparkly edible four-leaf clovers to share with your neighbors?  (Hint: I learned the more melted chocolate I used, the better they held together.)

Once I piped frosting around the edges, Isia worked her sprinkle magic. At first she was pouring on the sprinkles with a spoon, but only in the middle away from all the frosting. So they were much-loved, but not green. Then I poured a thin layer of sprinkles in her plate and had her dip them face-down instead. Much better!

We just handed them to our neighbors off the plate, but I think they would be nice to package in little individual treat bags. They're large enough that you only need one, unless you're Isia. Then you might insist that they're all yours anyways. And that you still don't need a nap.

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