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Our windows have been open this week, allowing spring's breezes into our house. They've been busy breezes: removing the last remnants of the cold we've been recycling the past month and emptying our closets for the annual spring cleaning. As I start to ready our clothes for warmer months, my pile of clothing-to-be-recycled grows faster than the lettuce seeds I just planted. I've been looking at the shirts especially, starting to see dresses, like here, and also wreaths. Wreaths, you say? Yes, wreaths, and here's how you can start to see wreaths too!

A Reclaimed Wreath, Part I
 Take two long sleeve shirts, fold them in half, and lay them on a flat surface opposite of each other. 

Starting at the outer corner (which is the middle of the neckline), begin to roll the first shirt in towards the middle. Continue until your roll contains the body of the shirt and just a little of the sleeve. The rest of the sleeve will be needed later on.


Starting at the end, wrap a piece of packing tape all around the roll to bind it. When binding the end, tuck in loose ends as much as possible (see bottom photo). Continue to bind down the length of the roll, spacing bindings about an inch and a half apart. This is only to make sure it doesn't unravel, we'll be adding more final layers later.

Continue with the second shirt, so that you have two rolls that are bound at one end with a long sleeve at the other end. Place them on the table opposite of each other, as above. Admire the beginning of your wreath shape and pat yourself on the back- a congratulatory piece of chocolate never hurts either (smile).

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