create (with kids): crayon resist

By freshlyplanted - 6:02 AM

Sometimes simple is best. Especially on those days when it's hard to get onto Pinterest to get more ideas, or even-  let's be honest- be able to wash my face and keep everyone nourished. On those days it's a joy to be able to have something like a crayon resist in my back pocket. Because it never fails to brighten my day to have little ones look at me in befuddlement as I ask them to draw with a white crayon on white paper. "Mama, nothing there," Isia protested. Ah, but it will, I encouraged.

And I adore their amazement when it does! Then their anxious brushstrokes to uncover the rest of the picture, just waiting to be revealed. 

To get the best results, encourage your little ones to make their marks heavy and keep their watercolor application light. Good paper always makes a difference too. An earlier post about watercolors and paper can be found, here

Then enjoy their revealed artworks! Ah, simplicity.

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