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By freshlyplanted - 8:37 AM

When we receive mail in our house, like here, it's not just an occasion- it's an Event. With lots of running around, twirling, and a few songs added in for good measure. So you can imagine the excitement surrounding our newest package...

...from Like Mother, Like Daughter. To celebrate her daughter's birthday, Mama Hannah had a giveaway of the book "A Tale of Peter Rabbit" which we won, yea! So now we own a perfectly sized Isia copy, perfect for carrying around, sleeping with, or reading to a certain little brother. The last of which is much preferred over the "mine" heard often these days as a more mobile Billy makes for an equally more possessive Isia. As we working through this new stage, it's baby steps all around: for baby brothers and big sisters- and maybe even for Mamas too (wink).

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