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We have special days around here. Snuggles. Books. Lots of Art. Macaroni and cheese. Giggles. Trips to the library. But then, there are those extra-special days. Those days when the sun shines a little brighter and the sky seems a little bluer. Around here, those are usually "Moppy Mail" days.

 When we were expecting our daughter, my Dad asked to be "Poppy" which fits him perfectly. And then my Mom became "Moppy," which she was always meant to be. A Moppy who's not able to come as often as she'd like, so she sends "Moppy Mail" to visit us in the meantime. As in the picture above, there's usually a letter, stickers, and then an activity. In this case, the simple puzzle that's a butterfly on the front...

...and an "Isia" on the back (She's not really Isia, but Isia's convinced otherwise). At first we would open them right away, but now we tend to hold on to them a bit longer first. Because there are definitely times when an extra bit of sunshine are needed these days- trips to the doctor's office for Billy, a visit to a restaurant, and, of course, those long every-days when a tantrum seems to lurk behind every corner. Then we pull out a Moppy mail and a certain little girl gets a little bit happier, and the day gets a little brighter... for everyone (smile).

What pieces of sunshine do you hide away for needed times? I would love to collect more ideas!

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