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I spent the morning yesterday on our deck, making cards while Billy played with his toys on his blanket beside me and Isia kept picking grass "for the birds to eat". I was inspired in the sunshine, and remembered to take pictures so perhaps you could be inspired too. However the beautiful pictures demonstrating for you how I made this...

...are nowhere to be found. Ahh, technology. As it turned out, that lovely thing called "formatting" that you should do ever so often with your memory card, to fully erase the space, hadn't been done... well... ever. Luckily the only photos lost were from yesterday (I save often- now I'll remember to format often now too). I thought these cards would be a good activity for Isia and I put together- they would've definitely ended up less centered and more unique!- but she was more interested in the grass and the birds. Maybe next year?

Card Directions:
I made the egg template from a packing tape core that I pinched on one end to create an oblong shape. I then traced the core onto a large finger-painting that Isia did, cut out the eggs, and used double stick tape to adhere them to the cards. The cardstock was left over from Isia's birthday party last year, and the "Happy Easter!" is written on a small multi-use label. I was able to use materials we already had on hand and share her artwork with others. Perfect!

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