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By freshlyplanted - 3:26 PM

Sometimes the stars align in my world and this happens...

For awhile there was a vendetta against naps in my household, as I shared here,  and I was getting nervous that our littlest resident might take up arms in the revolution. Alas, a certain little girl has become content once more to "take a rest." A few things have seemed to help: increasing our time out-doors, moving "rest-time" much later (to 2 or 3pm), and lastly for there to be no expectation of sleep. She'll get that foot stomping if sleep is mentioned, however laying down to "take a rest," with its prelude of books and snuggles, is accepted quite graciously. I am happy to coin whatever phrase needed to get some special Mama time to...

 -rearrange some flowers-

 -paint a few final coats of paint-

 -hang some artwork-

-finish a dress-

I rest through creating. And I'm learning that parents need a rest as much as their children do, even if little girls don't want to readily admit it (wink).

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  1. Rest time... now that is magical! Especially when you can get so many creative projects done!

    1. Only one actually got "done," but I was able to work a little bit on each which seems to be how I function best these days anyways (smile).

  2. Oh, I so empathize with you! My youngest lovie, now a year old, has never ever been a napper since the day she was born! I have never had a child that didn't at least nap as a baby! So, just imagine how much this mama needs "rest time"! lol!

    One thing I have been doing (trying to, at least) is making my personal creativity time more of a priority. I usually look at it as "extra" time, or "me" time, in other words, something I can only treat myself to when everything else is "done".

    What I've noticed is what you stated... "I rest through creating." because anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows that I don't know how to "relax". But when I give the baby over to Papa, and I plug in my hot glue gun, or break out the sewing kit, I do feel more "rested", and certainly much happier. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and for participating in {Magic of the Mundane}!

    1. Aw, thank you Sofia! And it's still a work-in-progress to choose the creative over the everyday, but it makes me a happier Mama too.


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