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By freshlyplanted - 9:01 AM

Once upon a time, we were going to have a baby. And we didn't have clothes or diapers or a crib, but I did have this...

...because it's all about the important things, right? (wink) Finally it was time to unite Isia with the first present her Mama ever got her. And of course, paint! Because, again, it's all about the important things.

Isia's fascinated with her hands right now. They're showing up a lot in her paintings, and she's been tracing them onto her drawings. I agree with her, hands are pretty extraordinary things- especially when they're small and chubby.

Then we picked our blooms, laid them on the pages, and tightened. Now we just need to wait! Hmm... one flower press for two kiddos? I'm thinking next summer we might need to fashion some of our own out of cardboard and rubber bands, like this one from Pink & Green Mama or this one from 5 Orange Potatoes. I especially like the idea of decorating the top with your own pressed flowers. Oh, and wouldn't a home-made flower press make a sweet birthday gift for a little friend? With several of those coming soon, we might not wait until next summer after all!

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  1. My mother was always so good about remembering to either press or dry the cut flowers before they withered. Me? Not so much. I always think I can squeeze another day out of them, but I always miscalculate!

    I just love that you have such a focus on creativity with your family.

    OK, now, if you don't mind, I have a question for the former art educator in you... it concerns my oldest son, now 15. Should I email it to you?

  2. I usually miscalculate too! The hardest part now has been the waiting, I fight the urge to peek everyday. Sometimes I'm as bad as my kids, ha! Thank you for your compliment & yes, please email me- I'm happy to help. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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