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An Egg a Day, #4: Isia recently insisted on wearing her Woodstock-worthy blue tie-dye shirt with the bright pink heart in the middle, seen here, several days in a row. I was thrilled not only because it seemed to be dirt-repellent- it stayed clean for over two days- but also because she's possibly inherited my soft spot for tie-dye. I love tie-dye and, between us, I have a plan to incorporate more of it into our lives shortly... well, mainly our bathroom. But in the meantime, what better place to display some tie-dye magic than on some eggs?

We dyed a half-dozen hollow eggs, but I think you could do up to a dozen. If more than a dozen are needed, it's fast enough to do in batches; Too many eggs at once would compromise the final effect. First of all, place the clean, dry eggs in a colander. Then sprinkle 1/2 cup vinegar over all the eggs. Next, using food coloring, place a drop of the first color on each egg. Agitate the colander gently so that the eggs roll around and the color spreads. Let the color set for 30 seconds.

Now onto the second color! Place a drop of the next color on each egg and gently agitate again in the colander. Let the color set for 30 seconds.

Now this is a nice place to stop, or you may choose to add one more color. Any more than three colors overall, though, and your colors will get muddy. When you have finished adding your two or three colors, and allowed them to set for a final 30 seconds, lightly rinse them with water. Let them drain for a minute or two, then finish air-drying on paper towels. I would not recommend excitedly picking them up and taking them outside to photograph before they're fully dry.

It might seem like a good idea, but the color will rub off on your hands. Be a better egg-dyer than me and let them dry first. Then you might try the Martha Stewart trick of rubbing them with a little vegetable oil, here, to keep them glossy. Finally, sit back and admire your groovy handiwork (smile).

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