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 An Egg a Day, #3: As promised... glitter!

Ah, glitter. It sparkles, shines... and ends up being found for weeks after-wards on the floor, chairs, and even the cat. At least- that was before I found a better way to contain it. The joys of glitter without all the mess? Oh yes!

This was inspired by seeing glue dots used on eggs. However, in an effort to use what we have on hand this year, I opted to use the photo splits (see above) we already had on our hollow eggs instead. We also used double stick tape. They were both enjoyed, but Isia favored the tape the most. I would stick little pieces to the table edge, and they were easiest for her to put on "all by herself."

Once her egg had all the stickiness she desired, we put it in a plastic container...
and sprinkled glitter on it...
 then she shook it...
 and shook it some more...
 ...before admiring the final result.

Didn't they turn out lovely? A small disclaimer that Mama joined in the fun and made the egg with the simple band around the middle- but the rest were made by the lovely Isia herself. And these hollow beauties survived! I find myself in awe at the resiliency of the eggshell- especially after watching them bounce around in the container at the mercy of my toddler's little hands. Amazing. 

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