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create (with kids)

On to Day Two of our egg crafts together! Our friends Ezra & Ella came over to play and that led, as most things do these days, to decorating eggs together.

We broke out some oil pastels, which I'm just loving more and more as a Mama. I loved working with oil pastels with my middle-schoolers, but I never thought about using them with little kids. I'm so happy that I know better now! They glide on so effortlessly- even on hollow eggs, and they have such a rich color.

This is Ella, using her seed cushion to help support her egg, drawing on her egg. Doesn't she have wonderful bold lines? I loved her focal point of red here, nestled within a sea of orange. Fantastic. On to more decorating tomorrow, be brave- we're going to get down and glittery!

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A former classroom teacher, I now homeschool my active three kids. I'm passionate about creativity, curiosity, and finding new hiding places for my chocolate stash. Thank you for visiting!

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