Sticks & Leaves: An Autumn Mantle

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It's funny to me, with all the old homes we've lived in that this is our first house with a fireplace! It's something that I've always wanted, I'm a bit smitten with mantles. They're so homey and a great place for collections, for little treasures to gather together and find a home. My favorite collections are those that only stay with us for a season. They're fun to hunt & find, get returned to the outdoors when we're through, and a great reminder of the simple gifts we're surrounded by in these woods.

Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle
Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle
Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle
Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle
Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle
As promised, here's our garland of painted glycerin leaves too. I've just been so impressed with them- even with the heat of the fireplace they haven't become brittle at all. We're only keeping them around for the season but I think they could last longer if we wanted them to. For sewing I used wool thread & a yarn needle, layering them a bit as I went along. And the branches, which are slowly getting filled with our daily thankfulness when remembered (ahem), were inspired by this thankful tree. A simple way to celebrate this beautiful season- and our new surroundings too. 

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Sticks & Leaves: Autumn Mantle

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  1. Good Morning! I found your blog through pinterest this morning and I am finding it delightful. My two daughters are all grown up now, but when they were younger we did so many creative things together and it was so much fun. I was drawn to this post, because I could really see my daughters putting together a collection like this and then I saw where you were inspired for the thankful tree. :) My youngest daughter is "Simply Vintagegirl" who created "the thankful tree". How fun. I want to encourage to keep up the beautiful work. Both of my daughters are very creative and have started their own businesses based on creativity.

    I showed your blog to them and my oldest said "When we have children, would you remind us and make sure that we are doing things like this with them".

    Hope you have a delightful and creative day!

    God Bless,

    1. What a sweet comment Robin, thank you! And I love your daughter (Simply Vintagegirl)'s work. How lovely that they've been able to create businesses based on creativity- I'm sure that's a testament to your own creativity & support too. This made my day. xo


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