create (Mama): chalkboard love

By freshlyplanted - 10:45 PM

As I shared earlier, I had a borrowed half-gallon of chalkboard paint from a dear friend and some experimenting to do. At first I envisioned chalkboard animals in my mind, painted on the wall in the kid's hideaway...

but decided upon a tree instead. We've been integrating more Waldorf into our home, and I think it would be great fun to decorate the tree for each season. Of course, since it's chalkboard paint, we could write notes on it too. Seasonal words perhaps?

One might think we'd need some green leaves on it now, but as our dry weather continues that's not the case. We're losing more leaves everyday and the temperature continues to be unsafe for our little people for long stretches, at least for a little bit longer.

Thank goodness for cool air inside and cozy places to snuggle up with a book. With pear pillows from Fat Rabbit Quilts to sit on and a chalkboard tree to keep company with, what more could a little one need? Hmm... maybe a mama who wants to snuggle in and share in the magic of the little room too? My pleasure!

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