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By freshlyplanted - 3:40 PM

I've just been re-introduced to chalkboard paint. While a teacher, a colleague used it paint some cabinet doors and I appreciated her craftiness. Then a Mama friend used it to repurpose an art table for her kiddos, and all of a sudden I was inspired. She even let me borrow her can of paint so that I could experiment right away. Which I did...

...and this is the the first thing I created. A repurposed applesauce jar with a little label of paint on it. My method involved painting a freehand rectangle on the jar, then applying two additional coats when dry. It's a little bumpy, but I think that adds to its charm. For a more refined label you could use any rectangular stencil- a label sticker outline, painting tape, etc.- and you could even sand each layer lightly with a fine grit of sandpaper. Be warned though, if you fill the jar with granola your label might be easily overlooked as all your kiddos scramble to get to the contents within! (wink)

ps. If you have many containers to label and little time, you might consider buying a "blackboard label" on Etsy- like these. There's even blackboard contact paper, here!

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