create (with kids): dry-erase activity book

By freshlyplanted - 9:14 PM

Isia is a big fan of "school." She enjoys shape recognition activities and some tracing. Although we've begun integrating more Waldorf into our lives, a educational model that is not keen on this kind of book-work, I still include a few of the activities into our day. Because I think her enjoying them is quite different from me insisting on her doing them. So if she really wants to trace her numbers...

then I think that's great and I'm happy to help. Since she does enjoy tracing, I created this activity book to enable her to use the same worksheets over and over again. My daughter enjoys repetition until she's mastered it, then she wants to move on. Quickly. 

To make the book I trimmed the binder holes off of some sheet protectors, then placed them in a folder and stapled down the outside edge.

When opened, the stapled edge becomes the spine. We've been using it for over a month now and it's held up really nicely. As she grows, I think it would be fun to include more puzzles and word games. In the future, it could also be handy to have for long car trips too. Sometime in the far future when I no longer have to worry about her putting the marker in her- or her baby brother's mouth- when I'm not looking! (wink)

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