Easy Printmaking Art Lessons for Kids

Easy Printmaking Art Lessons for Kids

It's the worse when an art project doesn't work out. Especially if you had to load the kids- including the toddler who's boycotting naptime- to the store to pick out supplies, wait in line holding that same exhausted toddler, drive back home, and take time the next day to prep it for excited kids.

Who groan when their "foamy paint" fizzles and runs all over their paper. (True story.)

Even if you ordered the supplies online in your pajamas, it takes time to figure out a project then make it happen. And time is precious.

So I'm excited to share a set of super-simple, tried and tested (usually over & over & over...) printmaking activities. The supplies are basic, the instructions are few, and the fun is guaranteed.

And don't be deterred by the age groups! Those are just a place to start. Our elementary kids still love the toddler printmaking activities, and our toddler loves the elementary activities.

Easy Printmaking Projects for Active Kids


This printmaking series is part of the Homeschool Blogger Hopscotch. There are other great resources to check out! Including building your homeschool curriculum, teaching with picture books, free resources, managing multiple children, and much more:

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