Treehouse School: Week 5

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On Homeschool Mondays, I'll be sharing a glimpse into our schoolroom and what we're working on. This year we have a Second-grader, a Kindergartner, and a Toddler in our classroom. 

I had this funny thought before I left teaching to stay home with Isia- that time would move slower if we were together for most of it. The days usually felt like they did- a few days even seemed to go on forever (wink)- but the weeks felt just as short. And as each new baby joined the fold, those weeks started going by even more quickly! So it is now, as I realize we are five weeks into homeschool. Where did August go??

I'd be thankful if we could talk September into moving a bit more slowly.

So, five weeks into our curriculum, I've realized we are behind what my expectations were. In our first years of homeschool, this would have made me feel defeated. I would have lamented on not keeping up with our expensive curriculum, worried about the future of my kid's learning, been distressed that I wasn't a good enough comparison to what they would have been learning in the classroom. I would have wondered if they should be home with me after all. Whether homeschool was a good fit for us- or whether I was a good fit for homeschool. But I've finally learned to take a breath, pour a cup of tea, then slowly look through my phone and Instagram feed for what we've been up to...

Treehouse School | Week Five

Treehouse School | Week Five

Treehouse School | Week Five 

...then ponder on the energy behind the pictures: Are the kids spontaneously reading? Yes. Spontaneously creating? Yes. Are we having circle time most days? Yes. Spending time in nature? Yes. Are they enjoying the learning that they are doing? Yes. 

Of course, there are areas where I want to improve: Building sibling relationships, peaceful conflict resolution skills, more watercolor painting, practicing knitting & recorder together on a regular basis, changing the current quote (and Labor Day count-down!) on our kitchen blackboard... the list goes on.

But we can't plan where we want to be without appreciating where we are.

It's soul-defeating to make lists of what we want to do better, without accepting the things we are doing well. Or good. Or just okay. They all count, and they all matter. 
Our Homeschool, First Day Pictures | Freshly Planted

So I chose celebration over defeat, and rejoiced making it through our first month. I also scheduled our next few weeks, deciding where I wanted to "catch up" with our curriculum and what I wanted to let go. 

I find most of those little pieces I let go of end up coming around later anyways. It works like that.  

Then I resolved to make the most of these late summer days, and Esther's last few weeks as a one-year-old. Nothing makes time feel faster than your baby turning two at the end of September! Maybe I can talk September into moving even more slowly?

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week!

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