DIY Non-Toxic Soap Scum Buster

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Do you know how everyone has a "thing"? Some people can't stand spiders, others have an aversion to feet. I'm going to let you in on one of my biggest... bathrooms. When we moved to China, years ago, our bathroom was brown. Which wouldn't have been a problem, except the tile was actually white (ick). So I spent the better part of two days scrubbing it down with cleaners that I bought. Cleaners that I picked out based on their label pictures in the cleaning section since I couldn't read Chinese yet. So I've known dirty bathrooms, and I'm a bit particular about ours. I've had a good friend confess to me that she's the same, so I know that I'm not completely alone (wink). We've had many long talks about homemae , and both confessed to having one bottle of chemical goodness hidden away in our cabinets for when we really needed it. I'm happy to share that I no longer need mine! And, with this recipe, you won't need one either.

When we moved into our house in the woods, which the previous owners built as their summer home, the basement shower hadn't been used in a couple years. I took my chemical goodness to it, and it did a pretty good job. Then I took this recipe to it, waited overnight, and had a sparkling clean bathroom in the morning. So, in my experience, this recipe isn't just as good as the chemical stuff- it's better. It's also cheaper too- especially if you buy your dish soap in bulk.

Soap Scum Buster

1/2 cup Blue Dawn
1/2 cup Heated White Vinegar

  1. Heat white vinegar on the stove or in the microwave until hot, but not boiling
  2. In large measuring glass combine Dawn and vinegar, pour into a clean spray bottle. 
  3. Saturate shower- and sink area, if needed- with spray.
  4. Soak for at least two hours, then wipe away with damp cloth. 
  • Always spot-test on delicate surfaces first. 
  • It has to be Blue Dawn! Nothing else has even come close. 
  • The vinegar smell is strong- but worth it (wink). 
  • This is great for spraying at night, then wiping down first thing in the morning.
  • Original recipe via Life, Crafts & Whatever 

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