A Winter Grounding

By freshlyplanted - 3:49 PM

We've been awaiting snow in our corner of the world. Which means our view out the window is looking pretty bare these days, and often grey too. I was able to ignore this during the holiday busyness, but it caught up with me yesterday. The kids wanted to go outside to explore, and kept asking me to go with them. I felt like I had too much to do- especially with homeschool picking back up today- to head outside with them, even for just a few minutes. Thankfully I've learned (and continue to learn) that this is exactly when I need to get outside the most. Yesterday was no different. So I finally averted my eyes from my cluttered kitchen countertops, got us all bundled up, and headed outside with my littles. At first I focused on our bare trees, trying to look up them with the kids and find some inspiration. I wasn't having any luck. Finally Esther wanted out of her carrier to explore, so I focused instead on keeping up with her wanderings around the yard. And look what we found!
Winter Grounding | Freshly Planted
Winter Grounding | Freshly Planted
These lovely ice formations were just waiting to be noticed. Small, nestled into the elements, their beauty wasn't commanding- but it was still there, when we stopped to look down closely and see it. A timely lesson for me, I realized, in grounding. A reminder to stop and focus on the lessons of this time of year when so much of our world has gone to sleep, including the trees. To adopt the slower pace, and use our time wisely. To enjoy the cold, but heed the call back to the warmth of our blankets and hearths. To look down often, at the ground- and at these little faces surrounding us- to find the beauty waiting there. And to never forsake an outdoor adventure for a cluttered countertop! (wink)

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