A Lap Quilt for Dad

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One of my crafting goals has been to delve deeper into quilting. I've heard it's dangerous territory, that you'll find yourself stock-piling fabrics and day-dreaming of patterns, but I'm willing to take my chances (wink). Although I've done simple quilted cushions, I've never done any quilted blankets. Mostly because of a deep-seated dread (more like a paralyzing fear) of binding. But my Dad is having trouble staying warm these days, so I faced my fears and got to work.

Dad's Quilt
Dad's QuiltDad's Quilt
Dad's Quilt
Dad's Quilt
All the fabric was from my stash. Going into this project, I never would've expected to have a lap quilt's worth of fabric. It turns out I had that, and much, much more! It's amazing how quickly it piles up (ahem). The whale print I've had since my teaching days, waiting for the right project. I kept the pattern simple, so it would be a comfort and not a confusion. The binding- aided by sleeping kids & a dram of wine- also went well. It's not perfect, but a good step in the right direction. All in all a nice cozy quilt for his lap or shoulders, especially with its doubled-up batting! We've enjoyed some good snuggles with it first, just to make sure (smile). 

Dad's Quilt
And  here is my sweet photography assistant, just because. 

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