Simple Drawing Books

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If you've been following our journey for awhile, you already know my belief that creativity doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Some of our favorite projects involve household materials, like suncatcher lids and toilet roll garlands. People were creating long before craft stores, using excess materials they already had. So I'm always looking around, trying to bring a creative second-life to things. My children have caught onto this, and I often get in trouble with Isia for trying to throw anything away. "Can't you fix it?" she'll ask, "Can't you make something out of it?" And I love that, even if it means I have to hide things away (like her dress up shoes that were recently broke beyond repair) to dispose of when she's not looking! Here are a few thrifty drawing materials that have been favorites lately:

Simple Drawing Books
Binder clip journals (like mine) are a great way to use up extra paper, or bring new life to old drawings. For the covers of the kids' drawing books, we cut matching pieces out of a drawing pad cover. However, cereal boxes, old watercolor drawings, and/or cardboard would work great too. The inside is a mixture of drawing papers we already had, but magazine pages (great for collage inspiration), old drawings, colored paper, and pages from old, falling apart books are fun creative inspiration too. These also make Great presents. You can personalize the covers, then gift them with stickers- a favorite around here- and a pack of crayons or markers. Thrifty, thoughtful & always enjoyed!

Simple Drawing BooksSimple Drawing Books
And these are some old appliance instruction books I found during spring cleaning (for appliances we don't even have anymore!). On a whim, I handed them over to the kids who Loved them. I thought the text-filled pages might damper their creativity, but they definitely didn't. Isia, soon-to-be-kindergartner, especially enjoyed interacting with the areas that were already there and making them her own.

What are your family's favorite drawing materials right now?

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